Neon Beat is a procedural rythm game in which the level you play is the wave an audio's frequencies generate.

Where is the procedural aspect? You may ask. Because, even though there are three predefined songs, you can upload any mp3 file you have in your phone or comuter. Song? We have it covered. Whatsapp audio your drunken friend sent you on 3am last night? As long as it is an mp3 file, we have it covered.

How to play

Once you hace selected an mp3 file, or one one the three avaible songs, the game will start.

This ball represents the current time of the song

This ball, or as we call it: "you, the player", represents the current moment of the song. Your objetive is to click or press space when the ball is right at the center of one of the "control points".

Control point

The circle around the control points represents the time left for the current time to reach the point. When the circle is the exact same size as the player, is the exact moment to get the maximum punctuation.

The more red the ball, the closer you are to lose, so be careful! And enjoy!

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